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Welcome to Wayward Hound Bakery

Wayward Hound Bakery began innocently enough back in 1998, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida when my now husband and I were dating and both had puppies who loved to eat! Lucky for them their mother was a feeder who loved baking and hated chemicals and any junk in food. When I discovered the fillers, flavourings, and preservatives in the treats I was buying at the store, I knew I could create a healthier and tastier treat. I set out to do just that and I began telling everyone I would meet about them. Soon enough Stix & Bonz Homemade Dog Treats became a hobby of mine and it grew into a storefront bakery in 2002! Life changed and in 2005 we relocated to New Jersey, grew our family of humans and now have two daughters, one son, and always a bunch of dogs! In 2018 with all the kids in school and the support of my husband and family, I re-branded Stix & Bonz Homemade Dog Treats to Wayward Hound Bakery as an ode to the 4 rescued Southern hound dogs who were living with us in New Jersey! Today, our online bakery is where I sell our drool-worthy treats direct to your door! Place an order, your dog will be thrilled you did and so will you! Thanks for stopping by!


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Our Mission

We promise to always deliver a freshly made treat with as minimal ingredients as possible. We never add anything more than human food. All of our doughs are made by hand in small batches, cut by hand, and packaged by a human employee. All our recipes have been revised to reflect the current trends in food and diet. We promise to continue to do so as we grow as a business and as trends and dietary suggestions change. Our treats are gentle enough for sensitive stomachs and tiny teeth, tasty enough for even the pickiest eater (no junk to smell here), and healthy enough for humans to feel good about! Order some today, you won’t be sorry!

We strive to deliver a satisfying treat and a great experience. Our business supports a real family and depends on your great review and word of mouth to succeed. We would love for you to leave us a review, follow us on social media, sign up for our occasional email, and of course, tell your friends! oh yeah, join our SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE and have our freshly made treats delivered to your door automatically!